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Gesu  is a Roman Catholic Community guided by the spirit of St. Francis de Sales who calls us to Live Jesus! Inspired by our faith committment, we share our diverse talents and gifts in service to one another. As a Eucharistic family, nourished by the sacraments and the Word of God, we welcome all to our spiritual home.
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Blog: Gesu Roman Catholic Parish + Toledo, Ohio

Reminder - End Of The Year Donations

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 12/20/16

I would like to take the time to point out this year ends on a Saturday. This means that the money placed in the collection basket Saturday, December 31st, will be considered a donation for the 2016 tax year. Collections on Sunday, January 1st, will be considered a donation for the 2017 tax year. It makes no difference what the date on the check indicates. Please plan accordingly.

If you would like other ways to beat the Saturday night deadline, consider mailing in your envelope with a postmark before January 1 or use the on-line giving button found on our web page.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

-Larry Kreuz

Offertory Envelopes

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 12/20/16

Gesu has decided to change the way that we deliver the giving envelopes to you.  Instead of picking up a box of envelopes at the end of the year, we will be sending them directly to your door.  Each packet will have 2 months of Offertory envelopes.  Your envelope number will remain the same.  The new envelopes are much more colorful and offer a reflection on the back  .  They also include a check-box on the envelope for people who use our Direct Giving or Online Giving deposit options and want to drop something in the collection basket.  In addition, we will also be offering an envelope for our St. Vincent de Paul collection that occurs on the 3rd Sunday of the month and a monthly envelope for Maintenance costs as before.  If for some reason you do not receive them and would like a set of envelopes sent to you, lust us know in the office and we will get you on our list.

Thank you for your continued support.  We hope that you like the new envelopes as we continue to serve you in the most efficient way.

From the Desk of Fr. Marty Lukas

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 12/20/16

This Christmas we have a unique situation and challenge - Christmas occurs on a Sunday.  While this is nice and certainly makes my schedule a little less hectic, it does pose one concern.  Each year you are so generous with your Christmas offering, but you'll notice in your box of envelopes there is also an envelope designated for December 25 - and it is a Sunday envelope.  These weekend collections are budged for each year.  Could you see your self dropping two envelopes in the collection on Christmas? I'd ask you to please keep this in mind as you prepare your offering next week.

Finally, as the Big Day approaches, please try not to STRESS OUT!  What gets done gets done, what doesn't get done, doesn't get done.  The days ahead are meant to celebrate the wonderful gift of the birth of Jesus, our savior. The days give us time to spend with family and good friends. That's what's important. If every piece of tinsel isn't hung on the tree exactly correctly - that's OK!  It's still a time of joy and love.  Make it that...regardless of how the house looks!  God bless!  And have a great week!

50+ Meets January 5 for a Picnic

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 12/20/16

It is a 50+ Club highlight happening only once a year.  Make plans to savor specialty hot dogs with all the trimmings and other summertime fare as 50+ rings in the New Year.  Everyone is invited to join the conversation and friends to begin 2017 together.  Call Ann Jozwiak at 419-474-5147 to reserve this picnic served for $4 per person.

Who Is My Neighbor?

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 12/20/16

Would you like to deepen your life of faith, prayer, fellowship and love of neighbor?

The prayerfully consider joining one of Gesu's small faith formation groups.

Groups of 5 - 12 parishioners will meet weekly during Lent.  They will read and reflect on Gospel themes and brief passages from the Catechism and other sources.  They will learn about real people who live lives of service.  Discussion and prayer will round out each meeting.  Groups will also have a small service component. 

Look for more details and signup sheets in the coming weeks

* Flexible structure   

 *Get to know fellow parishioners better

*No homework

*Learn and grow

*Be a disciple!

Every one needs half an hour of prayer each day...except when we are busy.  Then we need an hour.

 ~St. Francis de Sales

From The Desk Of Fr. Marty Lukas

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 12/20/16

Dear Parishioners,

Have you checked out our "Come Home to Gesu for Christmas" welcoming ads on Facebook?  This is our attempt to vigorously reach out to former parishioners or in-active parishioners who may be looking to re-ignite their faith and reconnect with their Gesu Family.  Any effort that you, our faithful parishioners can do to assist in this campaign is greatly appreciated.  Reach out to a neighbor who hasn't been back to Gesu in some time.  Tell them of the good things happening here.  Invite them to come and see our new altar and sanctuary furnishings.  Invite them to experience the warmth of our community and be that warmth when you see a new face in the congregation.

Our "Come Home to Gesu" campaign will only be as successful as we make it once the folks are back with us.  Hopefully what they might experience during the holiday season will continue on into the New Year.  Thanks for your help on this.

Finally, our Gesu young (and not so young) adult group will get going after the New Year.  Plans are for different types of activities that members can "plug into" as they would wish.  Some activities might be purely social - getting together for breakfast after Mass or a meal together, or going to a Walleye or Mud Hens game.  Some might like to do some service projects together - perhaps working as a group at one of our Sunday meals at Helping Hands of St. Louis.  Others may be looking for a spiritual connection with people their own age.  While others may be looking for some opportunities for some group input from a speaker on a current spiritual or church topic.  These are just some considerations of what the group might be able to provide.  Give it some thought now and when the time comes you can be "primed" to participate.

Have a good week.  And keep preparing inside and out for Christmas!  Fr. Marty


Thank You!

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 12/20/16

Thanks so much to Marge Baranoski and Eliane Noe for being available for making calls to volunteers had there been any funeral luncheons during the month of November.

Welcome Our New Parishioners! The Babka's!

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 12/20/16

Join me as we welcome into our Gesu Family Joel, Jessica & Elsie Babka!  Jessica said, "My husband and I chose Gesu Parish because of it's welcoming community and comforting atmosphere.  Gesu feels like HOME to us!  Not only are we familiar with some parishioner faces, but we truly feel and believe that Gesu Parish is a great start in welcoming our newest family member (daughter Elsie, 4 months old) into the faith of Christ.  Our faith has been a very important aspect in our lives, and we hope and pray to continue our faith by raising and guiding our daughter in a community that demonstrates what it's like to be followers of Christ.  We are truly excited to watch our daughter grow with Gesu Parish."  We are Gesu!!

St. Francis de Sales First Quarter Honor Roll

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 12/02/16

President's List - Cole Grisier & Josef Klear

First Honors - Nicholas Best, Oskar Klear, Max Minor, Andre Schlatter, Jonathan Eitniear

Second Honors - Maxwell Bevington, John Byers, William Dupuis, Devin Erd, Sean Gerken, Elliott Hayes, Antonio Iuele, Alexander Kasper, Noah Kasper, Michael Martindale, Warren Natyshak, Timothy Organ, Jr., Daniel Polofka, Michael Wielgopolski

Congratulations to all of you!

Welcome Our New Parishioner Into Our Gesu Family!

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 12/02/16

Peter & Marcia Benedict!  They said, "We came to Gesu because we feel comfortable here.  Our daughter Jennifer attends here as well." 

We Are Gesu!!

Dec. 8th Gesu Advent Night 6 to 8 pm in the Sullivan Center

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 12/02/16

A night of fellowship and prayer for the whole family.  Prepare your heart for the coming of Jesus!  Join your Gesu family at this free event:  a simple supper, followed by a short prayer service and family activity. 

A free supper of soup, salad and bread provided.

A short prayer service.

A chance to learn about a new tradition,.

Please bring a jar (Any recycled jar will do!)

Please join us!  RSVP to Cherie Spino at or test Nicole Gelardi at 419-708-0645 with your name and how many will be joining us.

Remembering Our Faithful Departed

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 12/02/16

Please remember in prayer Patricia Jennings buried from our parish on November 11, 2016.  Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord, and let your perpetual light shine upon her.  May she rest in peace.  Amen

The Giving Tree

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 12/02/16

Thank you! Once again Gesu's generosity shines through the Giving Tree. All the tags were taken once again. Our parish makes Christmas special for several families who truly need our help! Please bring your wrapped gift with the tag that you took off the tree and return it to the tree, the parish office or the school office by December 7th. Once again, Thank you! WE ARE GESU!

St John's High School 1 Quarter Honor Roll

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 11/22/16

Class Honors - Joey Thaman

First Honors - Gareth Francis, Andrew Parson, John Spidel

Second Honors - Mason Muns, Keith Nelson, Gabriel Thibert

Congratulations to each of you!

St. Ursula Academy Term 1 Honor Roll

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 11/22/16

Honor Roll grades 9 - 12

Dean's List - Quinn Arbaugh, Sara Aubry, Kathryn Burzynski, Madison Dykema, Rachel Hack, Sarah Hack, Amy King, Teagan Polizzi, Mabel Prince, Jenna Stengle, Brianna Wenzinger. 

First Honors - Hannah Best, Grace Gstalder, Cassidy O'Donnell, Lauren Perry, Jamie Thees, Emily Wenzinger.

Second Honors - Grace Aubry, Brigid  Syring.

Honor Roll for grades 6 - 8

First Honors - Marina Black, Kathryn Polizzi

Second Honors - Annemarie Wroblewski

Congratulations to each of you!!


"Pilgrimage to Annecy-Lyon, France, and Geneva, Switzerland, with the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales!

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 11/22/16

Join Fr. Tim McIntire, and Oblate of St. Francis de Sales, and Maggie Riggins, Campus Minister at DeSales University, for a week-long pilgrimage to the home of St. Francis De Sales.  The tour price of $2,975 per person is based on sharing a double room and includes air fare, ground transportation, daily breakfast, two lunches (one while cruising beautiful Lake Annecy), two dinners, tours of Salesian sights, and plenty of free time.  Fr. Joe Newman, an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales, will provide some additional commentary while we bus from Annecy to Geneva, Lyon and tour the scenic Savoyard countryside.  For more information, contact Fr. Tim at or register at:"

Remembering Our Faithful Departed

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 11/22/16

Please remember in prayer Beverly Serke buried from our parish on November 9, 2016 and Richard O'Brien buried from our parish on November 10, 2016.  Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, and let your perpetual light shine upon them.  May they rest in peace.  Amen

Donate On Line!

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 11/22/16

Gesu Parish ahs the capability to offer its parishioners the convenience of giving their contributions by electronic means, called "Direct Giving" at no cost to you or the parish.  You can now also go to our website and donate on line.  You can find the information on the front page of our website.  You can also call Dianna in the Parish Office at 419-531-1421.

Welocme Our New Parishioner!

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 11/22/16

Join me as we welcome the following family into our Gesu family! 

Michael Montalto!

Mikey said, "I came to Gesu because I feel at home here.  I wanted to be grounded.  I have a lot of love and respect for Gesu.  I also went to Gesu thru the 4th grade." 

We are Gesu!!

From The Desk Of Fr. Marty Lukas

by Gesu Parish Toledo on 11/14/16

Thank You!  The response to the looks of the tabernacle, cross and candle stand has been overwhelming.  Beautiful, just beautiful were the words of many.

When I asked for contributions several months ago to have the tabernacle refurbished, three parishioners came forward immediately and said that they wanted to cover the cost of the work as a memorial to their departed loved ones.  I want to thank them publically now.

One memorial was given in memory of Mayor D. Michael Collins, by his wife, Sandra Drabik Collins.  The other contribution was made in memory of Dr. Konrad J. Lasek by his wife Ann Lasek and daughter Marja Lasek-Martin.  These good parishioners wanted a memorial that would be a lasting, beautiful and prayerful tribute to those they loved.  What could be more lasting, beautiful and prayerful than our tabernacle, which holds in reserve the Eucharist, the Body and blood of Christ himself!!

I sincerely thank these parishioners for their love of Gesu and wishing to remember their loved ones in such a wonderful way.  Mayor Collins and Dr. Lasek will be prayerfully remembered for years to come as we use the tabernacle for the glory of God.

Now a couple of things about the tabernacle:

The refurbishing was done by a company in Chicago who also worked on the tabernacle of Rosary Cathedral and Blessed Sacrament churches here in Toledo.

It weights about 450 pounds.  (it is the heaviest one the company has ever worked on other than the cathedral's.  You can imagine it was quite difficult getting it off and back on the altar!)

The tabernacle is made of solid bronze

The refinishing process is as follows:

Step one is to check and repair any mechanical issues.  Once complete the unit is disassembled.  From there the old finish is stripped from the unit.  The unit is then polished and then lacquered.  After meeting inspection the pieces are reassembled and the mechanical parts are checked again.

The interior is lined with Moire fabric.  The ceiling of the units is Cedar and the walls and bottom are a heavy paper board.

Yes - it's a beauty!

Blessings to you....

Fr. Marty

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