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Father Marty's Weekly Message

Dear Parishioners,

Christmas!  It's just around the corner, but not here yet.  Right now, we have

something else to think about.

If you went to Catholic elementary school "a few years ago", I'd like you to

take a moment to think back on that experience right now.  Remember one

of your teachers, Sister ________.  You know who I mean.   She was strict,

but kind, fun but demanding.  In a word, she was wonderful!  She is probably

in a nursing care facility now and needs your help.

Senior Catholic sisters, brothers and religious order priests have offered

their lives in service to others - educating the young, comforting the sick,

seeking justice for the oppressed for many years.  Most of them merely

received room and board from the parishes they served, but there was no

monetary compensation for their services.  Today, many are frail, elderly and

in need of assistance.  Your gift to the Retirement Fund for Religious helps to

furnish medications, nursing care, and other necessities.

Envelopes for the annual Retirement Fund for Religious are in your envelope packet and in the back of church. Please do what you can to help our retired religious priests, brothers and sisters.   On behalf of Sr. __________, I thank you.

On another note, have you noticed how dilapidated our Gesu sign looks at the corner of Bancroft and Parkside? Pretty bad, isn’t it! Well, because of a generous donation from a parishioner family, we are going to replace it. Within the next few months a new electronic sign will be installed.  This sign will enable us to advertise so many of the activities that go on here at the parish as well as our Catholic school.  It will say to passer-bys that Gesu is ALIVE AND WELL and that ALL ARE WELCOME!

I’ll get a sample picture of the sign up in the back of church so you can see what to expect.  Many thanks to the generous Gesu family who made this possible.  A new sign is really needed. Hope your Christmas preparation is going nicely.


Have a good week.

Fr. Marty