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Father Marty's Weekly Message

Dear Parishioners,

We have reason to celebrate this week!  On this Saturday, Sept. 18, Bill Petro,

a parishioner of Gesu was ordained to the permanent deaconate.  Bill has been

preparing for this ministry for several years with the diocese through lots of

classes, retreats and personal reflection.  Bill and his wife Sarah have a great

family with married children and some still in high school and grade school.

Bill has not yet received his “official assignment” from the Bishop – I think

that comes after he is actually ordained -- but I requested and certainly hope

that Bill is assigned to minister at both Gesu and St. Pius.  He would be a

welcome addition to both of our staffs.  As a deacon, Bill would be able to

officially visit the sick in hospitals and nursing homes, take communion to

homebound, conduct wake services and graveside services, teach, conduct

pre-baptismal and wedding classes and many other things too.  Not that Bill

will be doing all of these things, he does have a fulltime job, but just to know

he is available will be great!  If, and when, Bill receives his assignment, I’ll ask

him to give you a fuller biography to help you all get to know him.  GOD BLESS


This past Sunday the Jazz @ Gesu concert went very well.  Nearly 150 were in attendance from both Gesu and St. Pius as well as others who just enjoy music.  It was a beautiful evening! The weather cooperated and the sense of community and people coming together from different backgrounds and all ages makes it all worthwhile.  Mark your calendars for Sunday, Sept. 11 next year and we’ll do it all again!

The landscaping project at Gesu is finally becoming a reality – it has taken a longer time than expected for the plants to arrive at the nursery but now they are about all in. Of course it will be a few years before they appear in all their glory, but we’re taking the “long view” and the next generation of parishioners will thank us for our efforts. The hand railing at the steps from the parking lot to the sidewalk (north side lot) is also finally in.  Repairs and upgrades are great but finding the workers to do the job these days was a challenge.

The fall “clean-up day” at St. Pius went well.  It is great that there are always parishioners willing to give of their time and energy for the benefit of the parish.  I also thank the Spiritual Life Committee for their creative way to encourage us to take a look at the FORMED videos, with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn. I hope many took advantage of the opportunity to be better “informed” about our faith.

School is going well at both of our parish schools, teachers are teaching, students are learning and there is a very positive atmosphere in both buildings.  Catholic schools are the greatest! Thank you for your continued support of the Pumas and the Greyhounds!

That’s all for now. Stay healthy. Pray for our sick. God Bless and have a great week!

Fr. Marty