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Father Marty's Weekly Message

Dear Parishioners,


This is our special day to thank our moms for all they do, and have done for us

in our lives.  It is also a special day to pray for our mom's that they be blessed

and rewarded for their lives of love and dedication.  Whether our moms are still

with us or have gone to their heavenly reward, let us thank God for these

wonderful women he has put in our lives. 

I’m pretty sure that because Gesu didn’t officially get up and running till July

of 1920 that this will actually be the 100th Mother's Day celebrated at Gesu.  

WOW!  100 years of Mother’s Days at Gesu! 

Happy Mother's Day.

Now a couple of odds and ends…

You may remember back in the midst of the pandemic, Gesu and over 9,000

Catholic parishes across the U.S. applied for and received funds that the federal government made available in what was called the Paycheck Protection Program – the PPP.  This was money loaned to us to allow us to keep our faculty and staff employed during the pandemic and help offset the net loss that might be incurred during the fiscal year.  Gesu applied for and received almost $332,000 from this program.  Having completed the necessary paperwork with the diocese and our bank, I am pleased to report that Gesu Parish’s PPP loan was forgiven and will not need to be paid back.

Our former Business Manager, Larry Kreuz and Richard Webb, our current Business Manager, plus members of our Finance Council put in many hours of diligent work to complete the required paperwork, forms and needed documentation to make this happen.  Thanks guys!  The parish is indebted to you for your thoroughness and competence. 

At a staff meeting last week someone remarked that the school year is quickly coming to an end.  Our principal immediately spoke up “20 more days”!  (I thought…spoken like a true principal!) The year-end traditions which were all cancelled last year will happily resume this year with Special Friends Day this Friday, Graduation Mass on Thursday, May 20 and graduation on Tuesday, May 25.  The last day of school is the 27th.  Just 17 days from the writing of this article – you see, I was a principal once too!

Have a good week!

Fr. Marty