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News & Notes

 There will be an  Advent Communal Penance Service at 7:00 PM at St. Pius on Wednesday, December 14th.  Plan now to attend.

Save the Dates! 

SoulCore Is Returning February 20, 27, March 6, 13, 20, and 27 in the St. Pius X Family Life Center from 7:15-8:15.  Join SoulCore Leader, Julie Parkins, to nourish body, mind & soul with SoulCore - a prayer experience that combines the prayers of the rosary with core strengthening, stretching and functional movement. No fitness level or experience required.  This is for anyone ages 13 and older.   Dress in comfortable clothing or sportswear, bring an exercise mat/towel, and water.  If you are not able to do the physical motions, you are still welcome to join us to pray the rosary.  This is a FREE event thanks to the support and success of the SPX Trivia Nights.  No registration is required. 

St. Pius X/Gesu Bread Team Looking for Additional Members

May I introduce the St. Benedict Bakers. This group currently meets twice a month at Gesu church's Loyola Hall kitchen to bake bread for distribution to Toledo's poor through Labre, our partner ministry at St Johns and St Ursula high schools. Both ministries are named after St. Benedict Joseph Labre, patron saint of the homeless, the poor, the unhoused. He wore the rags of a beggar, shared his food with the poor, and was filled with the love of God and neighbor.


Directly serving the poor is a hallmark of Christian life. Jesus teaches "whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” If you would like to join our team, even if it's just once or twice a year, you can participate in the joy of this shared life. In the words of Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ, speaking about his book, 'Tattoos on the Heart', we learn that "God ... is inviting us to the margins to create a kinship with those who are out there. That is the God we know in the deepest part of us. We know that God only wants for us, not from us. We don’t have to measure up; we don’t have to perform. In asking us to create a community of kinship, God is not asking something from us, because it is in that community that the joy is. The joy for us." Boyle continues, "We want to roll up our sleeves and be in kinship. It’s about exquisite mutuality, about relationship." But the blessings don't end with just the service we provide. According to Fr. Boyle, it's much more than that. "Service is the hallway that gets you to the ballroom, where there is the exclusive mutuality of joy, kinship. God doesn’t want anything from us. God just wants us to be in that ballroom. When it stops at service, there’s a barrier—the service providers and the service recipients. But truth be told, all of us are in need of healing. It is one of those things that join us together as a human family." 


If you would like to help out, please contact St. Pius X parishioner Don Curtis to get added to the baking schedule. His email address is 


OCT. 9 - 13 GESU + SPX
GUEST:  Richard Lane Ministries.  The day of the mission there will be morning and evening sessions on the same topic. 

Further details will be included in future bulletins.





The September 1st 50+ meeting was very successful!! Twenty-seven people from Gesu and St. Pius  including Fr. Marty, and Gesu Rectory staff members were present. We welcomed three St. Pius parishioners as new members.
     Following Mass, we gathered in the Sullivan Center for lunch courtesy of Fr. Marty for “picnic leftovers”. A most sincere thank you to everyone who helped set-up and clean-up. For the first meeting, everyone introduced themselves, telling a little bit about who they are.
     As has been their custom, Jim and Connie Dutchess presented a beautiful rose to each person attending in honor of their September 15th wedding anniversary which this year is 66 years! Congratulations and thank you.
     We are saddened at the passing of long-time members Midge Cowell and Sandy Drabek;
also Fr. Bob Schramm who resided in the Rectory with Fr. Marty for several years.  Masses have been scheduled in their memory.
     The next meeting will be Thursday, October 6, beginning with Mass at 11AM followed by
a potluck in The Sullivan Center. Last names A-D bring dessert, E-M salad, and R-W a main dish.
    If you plan to attend, please RSVP by October 3rd to Maggie Duger, 419-882-8579
(home) or 419-261-0621 (cell – call or text).



   Due to our new mass schedule, classes will run from 9:00—9:55, so everyone is able to make it to the 10:00 Mass.
   Registration is on the Gesu Parish website, along with the sacrament and CCD class schedules!  Looking forward to seeing you there!


Tools - 4- Schools FOODTOWN Receipts

The collection of your shopping receipts is under way.  Only receipts from purchases made at FOODTOWN between September 1, 2022- March 31, 2023 will be collected and counted for as earned points towards redeemable awards and educational supplies for Mrs.. Pedigo and her Gesu School Pre-K Program.

Thank you for your continued support. You may drop off these receipts at the parish office or by simply placing in the collection  basket.



I know many of you know me but my name is Manuel Gonzales.  I am the principal at our school.  I am starting my 20th year at Gesu and 12th year as principal.  I just wanted to say “Hello” and give everyone a quick update on our school.  It has been a wonderful start to our school year.
     The past few years, due to COVID, has presented many challenges and while we are still dealing with some of those issues we have come a long way since March of 2020.  We currently have 347 students in the school from PreK – 8th grade. We surprised the students when they returned by renting an ice cream machine and treating them to a delicious ice cream treat! It promises to be an exciting year.  
     We are bringing back our school fundraiser Track-a-Thon in October and are planning a “Winter Carnival” in January, among other things.  We have such a dedicated staff here at Gesu
and I am so thankful for all they do to make Gesu School such a special place.  There is so much tradition here at Gesu and we can’t wait to add some more memories to Gesu’s history.  
     I thank everyone in the Parish for supporting our school!  God Bless and remember…. “Once a Greyhound, Always a Greyhound”! 



     I have been asked several times about whether or not I will be having a choir here at Gesú. Well, the answer is yes! I am looking to get our choir back up and running this month of September. St. Augustine says that “To sing is to pray twice.” Being a part of the choir is a great way for those who praise the Lord in song to take on a role of leadership in the church to lead other members of the faithful community in prayer. You don’t have to be Celine Dion or Luciano Pavarotti to sing in a choir, because one of the beauties of a choir is that through multiple smaller voices, we create one big, beautiful sound.
     It is a very minimal time commitment as we will usually only sing at the 10:00am mass, and rehearsals are typically held in the balcony after mass. Whether you are a newcomer or a returning member, please let me know if you would like to be a part of our ensemble by either seeing me after mass, in the parish office, or by emailing me at I encourage all to consider the Lord’s calling to this ministry.      
In Christ Jesus



Eucharistic Minister, Usher, Sanctuary Guild (care of the altar linens.), MC, Server, collection counter, St. Vincent de Paul, Sunday Choir, Resurrection Choir, Giving tree, helping hands, bringing communion to homebound, outdoor grounds work, after Mass coffee and donuts are just a few!
Connect with Dianna to sign up! At 419-531-1421 or 


SoulCore Is Returning This Fall To St. Pius X!
Sept. 19, 26, Oct. 3, 17, and 24, 2022
In the Family Life Center 

Ministry Spotlight:

Fr. Craig Irwin, OSFS



A Message From Sr. Krista


             I am grateful to have been your organist for the past 5 years!  Gesu Parish has been an important part of my life since I was born (FYI:  1942—Yikes!!)  Although our Dad was a non-baptized person, Father Driscoll, S.J. then Gesu’s pastor, celebrated our parents’ marriage at the Rectory; 22 years later, he baptized our Dad, just before he died, (assuring us “he would have wanted this.”  The four of us children attended Gesu, which was in that era replete with “nuns,” Sisters of Notre Dame, all in religious habit (and all with hair cut like a boy’s (Oh, the thrill of peeking under the veil when the wind blew!) and all looking as young as our high-school baby-sitters!  My brother and I began piano lessons (he in 6th grade, and I in 5th), then progressed to organ in order to relieve the4 adult organist of some of the extra services.  (Our “pagan” daddy drove us to all these services!)

    And now it’s come full circle!  I am so delighted that our family “grew up” in Gesu, a warm and wonderful family of faith!

The New Mass Scheduled Goes Into Affect The 1st Weekend Of July

4 pm Mass Saturday At Gesu
8 am Mass Sunday At St. Pius X
10 am Mass Sunday At Gesu
11:30 Mass Sunday At St. Pius X


Week Day Mass Times
8 am Monday Mass At St. Pius X
7 am Tuesday Mass At Gesu
8:30 am Wednesday Mass At St. Pius X - School Mass Only
5:30 pm Thursday Mass At St. Pius X

7 am Friday Mass At Gesu

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Gesu’s 100th Anniversary Yearbook is available for purchase for $50.

Over 300 pages of Gesu history in pictures, stories and memories.

Call the rectory office to purchase one.

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