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News & Notes

SoulCore Is Returning This Fall To St. Pius X!
Sept. 19, 26, Oct. 3, 17, and 24
In the Family Life Center 

A Message From Sr. Krista

             I am grateful to have been your organist for the past 5 years!  Gesu Parish has been an important part of my life since I was born (FYI:  1942—Yikes!!)  Although our Dad was a non-baptized person, Father Driscoll, S.J. then Gesu’s pastor, celebrated our parents’ marriage at the Rectory; 22 years later, he baptized our Dad, just before he died, (assuring us “he would have wanted this.”  The four of us children attended Gesu, which was in that era replete with “nuns,” Sisters of Notre Dame, all in religious habit (and all with hair cut like a boy’s (Oh, the thrill of peeking under the veil when the wind blew!) and all looking as young as our high-school baby-sitters!  My brother and I began piano lessons (he in 6th grade, and I in 5th), then progressed to organ in order to relieve the4 adult organist of some of the extra services.  (Our “pagan” daddy drove us to all these services!)

    And now it’s come full circle!  I am so delighted that our family “grew up” in Gesu, a warm and wonderful family of faith!

The New Mass Scheduled Goes Into Affect The 1st Weekend Of July

4 pm Mass Saturday At Gesu
8 am Mass Sunday At St. Pius X
10 am Mass Sunday At Gesu
11:30 Mass Sunday At St. Pius X


Week Day Mass Times
8 am Monday Mass At St. Pius X
7 am Tuesday Mass At Gesu
8:30 am Wednesday Mass At St. Pius X - School Mass Only
5:30 pm Thursday Mass At St. Pius X

7 am Friday Mass At Gesu

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Gesu’s 100th Anniversary Yearbook is available for purchase for $50.

Over 300 pages of Gesu history in pictures, stories and memories.

Call the rectory office to purchase one.